What is monitoring & evaluation?

In general terms monitoring and evaluation refers to systems for programme and project managers to verify whether project activities are happening as planned, whether the objectives and intended outcomes are being achieved, and whether resources are being used in a correct and efficient manner.

Monitoring and evaluation is critical for disaster risk reduction both for measuring the progress and outcomes of the implementation of specific risk reduction measures and also for evaluating the risk reduction outcomes for other types of development and humanitarian assistance programmes.

For more information see the Introduction to M&E.

Why this sourcebook?

Developed as a complement to the Tools for Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction, this web-based sourcebook is a guide to issues of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of disaster risk reduction (DRR) programmes and projects. It contains many practical examples of M&E, as well as links to useful reference material on-line and a bibliography of off-line publications.

Who is the sourcebook for?

The sourcebook is intended for use by development organisations in adapting their existing project appraisal and evaluation methodologies, and related guidelines for developing broader country and sectoral strategies, to take risks emanating from natural hazards into account; and in analysing related potential risk reduction measures.

What does the sourcebook contain?

The sourcebook contains information on:

  • Planning and implementing evaluations
  • The application and value of different assessment approaches and methods
  • Choice and validity of different indicators
  • Examples of 'good practice' in evaluation

Users can move around the sourcebook by clicking on the tool bar and subject headings at the right of the page. There are also links within the text to relevant examples and documents of interest.

Development of the sourcebook

This sourcebook is a working model that was developed by Emily Wilkinson in collaboration with John Twigg. In the longer-term, ProVention intends to integrate the M&E Sourcebook into a wider set of M&E tools currently being developed with partner organisations.

If you have suggestions for ways to improve the sourcebook, please send your feedback to provention@ifrc.org